Tumble Bees
(4 1/2 years - 5 1/2 years)
6 kids to 1 teacher ratio

This class is to prepare them for the level one class.  It's a great chance for the students to learn more difficult skills in a smaller group setting, before they enter a grade school class. The class stays fun and active, while at the same time teaching and enforcing body awareness. 

Monday            12:30pm

Tuesday             10:00am

Wednesday      1:30pm
                                 2:30pm -not running in summer

Thursday           11:00am

Friday                  11:00am - not running in summer
                                12:00pm - not running in summer
                                 3:45pm - not running in summer

Honey Bees

Parent/ Tot

(Ages 18 months- 3 1/2 years old)
8 kids to 1 teacher ratio

45 min.

This class is a parent participation class; meaning that an adult needs to accompany the gymnast to help guide them through the  obstacle courses. At the beginning of this class the kids get to have 15 minutes of free play to explore the gym after which they will warm-up and go through obstacle courses. 

Monday                10:00am
Wednesday        11:30am

Thursday              10:00am

​Friday                     10:00am - not running in summer


​North American Sports Academy

NASA Gymnastics

Bumble Bees 
(Ages 3 1/2 years - 4 1/2 years)
6 kids to 1 teacher ratio

When the gymnasts are about 3 1/2 years old and becoming more independent, then they are ready for the Bumble Bees class. In this class there is more of an expectation for the students to stay within their class group and to listen to instructions, while at the same time having fun in the gym! This is a great class to watch your little ones grow stronger and more confident!

Monday               11:00am

​Tuesday                11:00am                

Wednesday        12:30pm

Thursday              12:15pm

Friday                     3:45pm - not running in summer


Our Pre-school classes are a great way to get young kids active and social! Our goal for these classes are to keep kids having fun and moving! We want to teach them the stepping stones to harder skills they may learn down the road, but we also want them to fall in love with the gym! These classes teach young kids intra-personal skills, basic cognitive skills and the fundamentals of gymnastics on all 4 events. We want to show them how fun the gym and our sport can be!

These classes are age based.