Andrew Smith

Recreational Coach

Mara Gartzke

Recreational Coach

​I started gymnastics when I was 2 years old and stopped when I was 12 years old. At about age 10 I joined the first ever Trampoline and Tumbling Team at my gym (Gymfinity Gymnastics in Madison, WI). By the time I ended my gymnastics career I was competing Level 6 (training Level 7) passes & routines. My continued love for gymnastics led me to start coaching in 2015 at The Gymnastics Connection in Kirkland, WA. My favorite thing about gymnastics is the fact that while it’s really fun it also takes a lot of body control and conscious effort to excel. The combination of these two things makes coaching really exciting. It’s really rewarding to coach students who choose, for themselves, to work hard and excel at gymnastics and it’s equally as enjoyable to be silly and have fun with kids who are just starting gymnastics. Coaching at NASA Gymnastics gives me the opportunity to work with students within the community in which I live. My long-term goal is to become a teacher so I spend most of my time outside of coaching as a teacher’s assistant at Annie Wright Schools and a mathematics tutor. In my free time I play soccer, practice yoga, walk dogs, create metal art/jewelry, paint my nails, and travel (and a bunch of other stuff :) ).

Linda Smith

Gym Owner/ Team Coach

Tiffany Diamond

Recreational Coach

I started gymnastics when I was four and did it till I reached level five at the age of thirteen. I started doing private lessons for a couple of years before I came to NASA. I love that gymnastics is a fun way to workout, making you strong and flexible without you even knowing it! I enjoy coaching because I love working with kids and I love seeing their excitement when they finally land tricks they are working hard to get. I coach at NASA because it's an amazing gym with a great system and staff. I always looked up to my coaches when I did gymnastics and I hope that the kids I coach feel the same! Outside of coaching, I love music and singing, being social with friends, and working hard in school. I love to travel and have lived in many places; experiencing new cultures is something I've always been interested in! I wish to attend nursing school after graduating and travel more!

Emmalee Van Komen

Recreational Coach

 NASA Gymnastics is where my career as a gymnast first started. I did gymnastics for four years and reached competitive level four. I love that the sport of gymnastics allows the gymnast to express them self in their own way and to channel their strength and beauty at the same time. Being a coach has allowed me to share my love for gymnastics to my students.  Outside of coaching, I love dance, music, traveling, and reading

Billi Mutton

Pre School Director/ Recreational Coach

Tianna Pittman

Gym Manager/ Team Coach/ Recreational Coach

​I grew up in a household of dancers; with my mom as a ballet instructor and my sisters and I taking every dance class our studio offered. I danced until I was 16 years old, when I started coaching at NASA Gymnastics for John and Linda Smith. I have always loved fitness, teaching, working with children and I never imagined how strong my love for gymnastics would grow! I am inspired everyday by the kids I work with! I love to see their motivation, help them over come fears, and watch their confidence grow; all while I get to teach them an amazing sport! I love coaching all ages and all levels, and I’ve enjoyed taking our competitive team to their competitions this past year. Coaching is my passion; I love that there is always more for me to learn and opportunities for me to grow. When I am not at NASA I love to to vacation in new places, bake desserts, train at BeFit, eat tacos, dance, snowboard and spend time with my family and friends <3 

North American Sports Academy

NASA Gymnastics

John Smith

Gym Owner/ Retired Coach